Las Marias is a UK-based charity set up to promote positive change for disadvantages children, elderly and other vulnerable persons and/or communities in the United Kingdom, Argentina and Honduras.

Since early years, Leo Mancini - founding trustee and chairperson of Las Marias - has believed in leading life that is useful, honourable, compassionate, and to have it make some difference. There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. In times of need, charitable organisations like ours have stood up and answered their call of duty. Their duty to support others. Their duty to care for others. Their duty to ensure that no child sleeps on an empty stomach. Supporting the needy isn't just about keeping the people alive. It's our duty to help restore dignity to people who have been humiliated and re-ignite hope in those robbed of it. And that's what Las Marias is set out to do.

Our purpose is to help create better education opportunities for underprivileged children in the area. Our purpose is to enable the local community to work towards building a caring, sustainable and self-sufficient future. Our objective is the relief of poverty, the relief of need hardship or distress, the advancement of education or advancement in life of young people and the advancement of health

In the future, we also plan to work closely with the local tribes in Argentina to produce handcrafted products and the monies raised from the sales of products will be reinvested back into the betterment of local area, toward education, training, healthcare, clean water and sanitation project.

Chairperson Leo Mancini has been living and working in the UK for the last 19 years. In 2014, when she was visiting family back in Argentina, where she met Mariel Blanco, who later became one of the trustees. They both shared a passion to support the development of underprivileged children, care for elderly and other vulnerable persons.

Along with our third trustee Beryl Peacre-Carr, Las Marias is actively involved in creating awareness and supporting issues of less fortunate people, especially those who need care or do not have essential survival items such as food, clean water, health care, and education.


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Leo Mancini

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Mariell Blanco

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Beryl Pearce-Carr


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Las Marias
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